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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Charles Hamilton doesnt need money..

ive felt like charles before...

Punch – Project Window f. Kendrick Lamar


Nick B aka Palmetto Playboi ft Maal Daye - Fire Flame Freestyle (THCmix)


Nesby Phips - 3rd Side (Digital Album)

Download/Buy: Nesby Phips - 3rd Side (Digital Album)
Check out 1 of the tracks below if u frontin

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Monday, February 21, 2011

Wiz Khalifa + J. Cole tracks off of Travis Barker's new mixtape

Wiz Khalifa ft Travis Barker - Champagne

J Cole ft Travis Barker - Never Holdin Me Back
Download the whole mixtape here

Lupe Fiasco - Fire Flame (Freestyle)


Friday, February 11, 2011

Sir Flywalker - Ninja Rap (freestyle)

The homie @Sir_FlyWalker sent this thru for #FlyWalkerFridayFreestyle


Tyler The Creator - Yonkers

Ya Boy ft Wiz Khalifa - Get Her High


Lil B 676 track mixtape!

Quay Meanz - Two fingers


Chip Tha Ripper - Don't Come into My Hood


Tyga Feat. Chris Brown - Regular Girl_Wonder Woman

Soulja Boy - Wet

Dr Dre comes out at Kendrick Lamar concert!! Cule

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Nick B aka Palmetto Playboi - "Makin Moves"

Leak off of his upcoming EP "Nick B: Palmetto Playboi Issue 1"

Young Stretch - "Bread N Butter" (Hustle Hard)


THC Presents :The Herbal Cuties : Laura Dore'

THC's own me (Maal), recently hunted down the gorgeous Laura Dore' and forced her to answer my questions... Look out for her because if you haven't already noticed her, she's clearly human art. So check out her website LauraDore.com where she has 5 different looks ( Fashion, Sweetie Cyanide, Fetish, Burlesque and Glamour), and even videos of her dancing Burlesque!!.... go look that up now (right now) ...and follow her on tweeter and facebook...

Maal: Let me start by asking how often you put men into cardiac arrest in your day to day life? Or do they just chase you around like little girls chase Justin Bieber?
Laura: [laughs] I don't even know how to answer that!

Maal: I heard you listen to hip hop, is that all you listen to...?
Laura: I listen to a little bit of everything. I like metal, punk rock, psychobilly and horrorcore rap.

Maal: Who is your favorite artist out right now?
Laura: That's hard! So many! I'm a huge Manson fan, I also love Zombie.

Maal: Do you like to go out? Or are you more of a homebody?
Laura: I'm somewhat of a recluse. I think I have borderline social anxiety.

Maal: And finally, if you could change places with any person in history who would it be?
Laura: I would love to have been able to meet Hunter Thompson. I'm somewhat obsessed with him right now.

and watch this, this is from her new calander...get it...

Saturday, February 05, 2011

Friday, February 04, 2011

Taylor Gang Grinders at Fly Times Boutique

Go Preorder your exclusive 4 chamber TG grinder, comes in Black, Blue, Silver, and Purple only at www.FlyTimesBoutique.bigcartel.com
And Cop some SS gear!!!

A.D. Adontis - I Feel Good


Cash Gotti - Lights Camera Action

fuggin real

DayToday Season 3 ep. 7

...hmmm?? is anyone noticing what im noticing....homie raymond saw it...

plus some interviews

Thursday, February 03, 2011

G Lang - Where Is The Bud

Where Is the Bud by JCool

Travis Porter Music Money and Magnums


THC Interviews Schoolboy Q!!

Schoolboy Q is a dope ass artist from Cali who's a part of the new group Black Hippy and he also just released his album Setbacks on I tunes....well none other than Maal Daye was able to rope him in from his busy life of doin mad shows right now for 5 or 6 questions with The Herbal Community.

Maal: How'd you get your name "Schoolboy Q"?
Schoolboy Q: I got my name from puncH da president from TDE, cuHz we waz talkin and sHIt and some HOw i ended up tellin Him, people call me scHoolboy and He said outta nowHEre "SCHOOLBOY Q" and i waz like dats my rap name lol........

Maal: Who is your favorite artist of all time and why so...?
Schoolboy Q: JAY-Z is da BEST OF ALL TIME, but my FAV RAPPer of all time is NAS.... i say nas cause tHe pictures He gives u tHrougH His music, sHIt is crazy......

M: How about your favorite artist of today?
SQ: My fav artist of today would Have to be RICK ROSS & KENDRICK LAMAR tHem two dudes tHe only rappers tHat inspire me rigHtnow, tHem and KANYE WEST.......

M: Who would you say you make music for?
SQ: I would make it easy and just say everybody, but tHats not tHe case i make music for people tHat just love music, and everybody dont really love music if you kinda get wHat im sayin, ALSO I DNT MAKE MUSIC FOR KIDS ADULTS ONLY.......

M: Whats next for Schoolboy Q after "Setbacks" ?.... Whats next for Black Hippy?
SQ: Well we gone see in tHe next few montHs wHats next i cant say too mucH rigHtnow but know sometHIng big is going to Happen soon trust and believe tHat.....

*bonus question* What weed are you smoking today??
SQ: I would lie and say tHe top sHIt but iono wHat tHis tHe HOmie gave it too me its iigHT tHo, it take care of tHe job......