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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Friday, December 24, 2010

Rick Ross - 9 Piece | Even Deeper


5 Christmas Songs download


WoW Kendrick...

Tupac interview ab Christmas

Consequence ft Diggy Simmons and Mac Miller - I'm VIP

WoW Diggy...

Currensy x Ski Beatz x DJ Whoo Kid

Diggy Simmons - Past, Present(s), Future (Mixtape)

hey its really not bad, all classic instrumentals...

Rick Ross - Ashes to Ashes (mixtape)


Laws - Run Away

Good Nieghbor - best videos contest 3

wow, it turns out they get the points

Big Sean Interview With DJ Whoo Kid

Whoo Kid is wild

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Donald Glover Sungod Spring 2010

Donald Glover is the maan, i bet you blow a say at least searchin his name in YouTube...fig i'd post this cus its some shit no commedian has ev talked about before (how women are crazy, and Destiny's Child)

Currensy x MTV x DJ Envy

lol @ "they ask my homie dat and next time i saw him he was doin the shuffle..."

Black Hippy – Rolling Stone

Black Hippie is Jay Rock, Kendrick Lamar, Ab-Soul & Schoolboy Q and Setbacks is due Jan 11...

Rick Ross - RETROSUPERFUTURE [ft Wiz Khalifa


Monday, December 20, 2010


Fuck what you say, this shid is fye...

The 6th Letter - Groupies, Doobies & Loose Leafs

THC Interviews Julia Beverly!!

Hello consumers!! This week we got an exclusive interview wit Julia Beverly the mogul behind OZone Magazine. I got to ask her some things ive been really wishing i could ask for some time now and props to her for answering like the role model i know she is...Check her out at Ozonemag.com and her twitter along wit the dopest hip hop magazine out every month...

Maal: Hey let's just start off by making it interesting and saying, Do you
prefer to drink or smoke? and does your job entail a lot of partying?

Julia Beverly: To be in the mix you definitely have to be at the parties and events, but personally I don't drink or smoke because I like to keep a clear head and I feel like it's a waste of time and money. I feel like I can enjoy life and
have a good time without it.

Maal: Who was your favorite person you've ever interviewed?

Julia: There's more than one.. I enjoy interviewing people who can hold an
intelligent conversation about things even outside the music business.
Someone like Pitbull, Pimp C, or Bun B is a good example.

Maal: Is Charlamagne Tha God still gonna do articles for O Zone now that he is
at Power 105?

Julia: Yes, Charlamagne has been writing Chin Check articles for OZONE for years so
I'm sure nothing will change now that he is at Power 105. He always brings a
unique perspective to the magazine and has something interesting to talk

Maal: What part of your job would you say is most fun?

Julia: Definitely the traveling and being able to experience a lot of things I
wouldn't be able to do with a regular 9-5 job. When I go out to interview
someone or go out on a business-related trip, you never know what's going to
happen. I like the excitement of it.

Maal: How long would you say you worked on O Zone before you could expand and
turn it into a profitable venture?

Julia: It probably took at least three years to become profitable, but it's hard to
really break it down like that because I've always had multiple hustles
going on at the same time. OZONE has helped me build relationships with a
lot of people that I was able to work with on other ventures, like
videography, freelance photography, show bookings, etc.

Maal: Do you have any advice for young people trying to go a similar
Entertainment Journalism route?

Julia: Try to find a niche that no one else is covering. The game as it is right
now tends to be really oversaturated with a lot of people trying to cover
the same artists. Don't necessarily look for the biggest names, look for the
best stories and try to make them interesting. There might be a success
story right in your own neighborhood, an entrepreneur or someone doing
something interesting that really isn't being recognized. Try to pursue
things that are really interesting to you, and not just the same topics that
all the other media outlets are covering.


Travis Porter - Make It Rain [Official Version]

hah, dope concept...

And 1 Live Street Ball Is Back!?

whad whad

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Curren$y - Daze of Thunder

Curren$y - Daze of Thunder from Creative Control on Vimeo.

culest chevy game in the game...

Wooh Da Kid-Jack Boyz (Feat. OJ Da Juiceman & Gucci Mane

i like this

Some Teacher tried out for WS Candy

this is honest one of the more attractive Worldstar candys but nonetheless...If your a highschool kid and you bang one of your teachers, make sure you look at her body naked to see if shes this woman...


wow dope new song called "Taylor Gang"

Baker Has a Death Wish - Bryan Herman

saw this like a year ago and forgot ab it. Bryan Herman smooth bout it tho...

Khleo - Floyd Mayweather

me gusta

Jackie Chain - Who Da Mane

heres the deal tho, you gotta tweet it to get it so just follow instructions here

Funny Interview w/ Waka Flocka and Jenny Boom Boom Hot 93.7

speaks on getting raided, said the cops were "Stoopid Goupies"

Yung Ralph - Freestyle In The Studio + Jon Boy - Amnesia

Yung Ralph is that guy!! Hope he drops some new music soon...

Steve Harvey telling the Game....

#CmonSon the game aint told, its sold....

The Lonely Island Feat. Akon, Jessica Alba More - I Just Had Sex

haha, the other guy is funnier than hot rod

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Get Bun B's Good Wood Ornaments for Christmas and he'll sign em

true story just like the title says (only the first hundo but they still fra anyway)
buy here

Cliff TUX - Want some brain (what's my name remix)

this is how im feelin right now *ye shrug
dood is @Tuxisking

Lame Life Society x THC

follow @kidawiz on twitter and look out for that Lame Life Society

Lil Wayne x Dj Drama

haha, weezy cule...wonder whos new at YM... #iaintgonnalie really posted this cus i like hearin Wayne talk ab sports doe haha...

Nardwuar vs. J. Cole

Nardwuar is a GEE

Darren Hanible , DMV Beast!!

dood hails from DMV, amd kinda sounds like a young ross but VERY LYRICAL(bet you give it a second listen...)
get all his releases at http://official.fm/track/180006

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Monday, December 13, 2010

Meek Mill "Roman Revenge" Freestyle

legit BARS


"my windshield catchin wind chill"

The Cool Kids - "Big Talk" Music Video

two highest rated comments on youtube say
1. Thumbs up if Mikey looks like Desean Jackson
2.Chuck Inglish losin that weight forreal.

*but this is the first video i ever seen ata game...so so dope

tabi Bonney - Get Me/Make A Killin

2Pac - The New Untouchables (feat. Snoop Dogg, The Outlawz & The L.B.C. Crew) Unreleased

snoop kills it too

Fabolous - You Be Killin Em (Starring Amber Rose)

#cule video

Friday, December 10, 2010

CornerBoy P ft TradeMark and Young Roddy - More Fat Raps

Corner Boy P (ft. Young Roddy & Trademark da Skydiver) - More Fat Raps by gibbsc

Chip Tha Ripper - Aint No Love Here

best track off the prelude...

Im Miley Cyrus!!!! (But im not Smokin Salvia and she is...)

whatev, salvia is a wierd trip....try some LSD gurl for a real rabbithole experience lol

dont get me wrong tho, salvia is completely legal, LSD notsomuch...

French Montana Brings Out Wiz Khalifa Waka Flocka + Wiz on Power 105

first sum G shid...

then dont forget to laugh yo azz off at Charlamgne...

Quay Meanz Taylor Gang

dude really kills willow smiths wip my hair. GANG

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

HEAVYSET "No Hook Needed"

outta Toronto. I like these guys cuz they rap like my homie Hump (also a white person)...

Grand Hustle is still BEASTIN!

i cant beleive i slept on this B.O.B. mixtape...its better than his album
get No Genre
but...there is a body of work out thats even better, by Bobby Rays boss.

yea i got that T.I. No Mercy but dont tell nobody....shit is Fyre!

Monday, December 06, 2010

YelaWolf - Swagger Killer


shouts to 2dopeboyz for tha linkage

Miss Casey Carter Interview w. Curren$y + Amsterdam

plus heres Hospital in amsterdam

THC Interviews Tolly!!

I recently got a chance to get some questions in with Taylor Gang's own Tolly. If you dont already, follow him on twitter cus hes a fool. Dude just dropped his Tollywood Mixtape, get it here if you dont already got it. His energy is like a crunk alternative to Wiz Khalifa's "stoner raps". Tolly is here and people are diggin his music...

Maal: Where did the name Tolly come from?
Tolly: When i was locked up as a juvenile everyone called you by your last name mines is Toliver. One of the staff started calling me Tolly and it just stuck

Maal: How long have you been making music and how did you link up with Taylor Gang?
Tolly: I was with a rap group when i was 14 then after our first tape I kinda fell back I started January of this year and me and Wiz went to high school

Maal: Who are you listening to right now?
Tolly: Tabi Bonney - nothing but a hero

Maal: Have you made the full switch to papers?
Tolly: Yeah

Maal: I noticed you've got some semi-big features such as Gorilla Zoe and Tity Boi, do you have more features coming soon or unreleased you can let me know about...(Maybe Wiz? Mac Miller?)
Tolly: I got some cool shit coming on my next project :)
(damm his lips are sealed...)

Maal: What's next after Tollywood?
Tolly: Another mixtape then im doing a album


Big Sean - Crazy

"bops flops flippers..."

DayToday Season 3 ep.4 - How to Roll a Perfect Joint

Sunday, December 05, 2010

NAHSON! - Bad Barney

"no one gives a fuck Barney"