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Monday, December 06, 2010

THC Interviews Tolly!!

I recently got a chance to get some questions in with Taylor Gang's own Tolly. If you dont already, follow him on twitter cus hes a fool. Dude just dropped his Tollywood Mixtape, get it here if you dont already got it. His energy is like a crunk alternative to Wiz Khalifa's "stoner raps". Tolly is here and people are diggin his music...

Maal: Where did the name Tolly come from?
Tolly: When i was locked up as a juvenile everyone called you by your last name mines is Toliver. One of the staff started calling me Tolly and it just stuck

Maal: How long have you been making music and how did you link up with Taylor Gang?
Tolly: I was with a rap group when i was 14 then after our first tape I kinda fell back I started January of this year and me and Wiz went to high school

Maal: Who are you listening to right now?
Tolly: Tabi Bonney - nothing but a hero

Maal: Have you made the full switch to papers?
Tolly: Yeah

Maal: I noticed you've got some semi-big features such as Gorilla Zoe and Tity Boi, do you have more features coming soon or unreleased you can let me know about...(Maybe Wiz? Mac Miller?)
Tolly: I got some cool shit coming on my next project :)
(damm his lips are sealed...)

Maal: What's next after Tollywood?
Tolly: Another mixtape then im doing a album


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