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Monday, November 29, 2010

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Short Dawg Southern Flame Spitta Vol 4 (mixtape)

download @ Datpiff

Keri Hilson feat Rick Ross - The Way You Love Me

say watchu want, my pants are tight..."kinda pussy that'll keep me off the streets"...sign me up (i was never in the streets in the first place)

Lupe Fiasco & Trae The Truth - Bad Don't Seem So Wrong

real nuggas. real shiit

Kid-CuDi "Mojo's So Dope"

old footage but this is more crisp

Rich Boy - Pharohs and Kings


mixtape comin, same name...

Yo Gotti ft. Rick Ross - Teenage Numbers


Dip Set Performs "Im Ready"


Big Sean ft Travis Barker and The Monsters - The Big Nut Bust


B.o.B. ft Wiz Khalifa - Fucc The Money (remix)


Tolly- You Want it

Friday, November 26, 2010

Fly Times Boutique Black Friday Sale

Use the code "blackfriday" at www.FlytimesBoutique.bigcartel.com for 20% off

T.H.C. Interview w/ Laws

I got a chance to get some questions with Laws recently. If youve never heard of this lyrical beast check out his "4:57" mixtape with Don Cannon and the follow up bonus edition "5:01 overtime" at his myspace and follow him on twitter @Lawshiphop . Props on his answer to the J. Cole Question...

Maal: Cadillacs or Mercedes?
Laws: Cadillacs

Maal: What person would you be if you could change places with anyone from
Laws: Bruce Lee

Maal: What was your favorite thing to do as a child?
Laws: Read

Maal: How do you feel about other new artist including J. Cole? Where do you see
yourself on a scale(1-10) where J Cole is a 6 (just for proportion not
Laws: I'm not going to publicly rate my peers. we are all growing as
artists, and we are very lucky to be in the places we are.

Maal: What do you feel you have that will keep you from getting swept under the
rug eventually?
Laws: Great lyrics. Great musical choices.

Maal: What do you prefer to smoke out of? why?
Laws: Vaporizer. Super clean.

Maal: What are Laws laws?
Laws: Be honest.

Maal: Whats next for Laws?
Laws: Paul McCartney dedication, entitled Yesterday's Future, dropping December 2010


Get Laws- Dark and Twisted (over kanye beat)

Lil B The Based God - Evil Red Flame (mixtape)


Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving Consumers!!!

Happy Today....dont forget where we came from....

and heres a "dope" recipe, but dont add nutmeg....

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Curren$y - Talking Fly Ep. 3

Talking Fly Episode #3 from Creative Control on Vimeo.

Travis Porter - Girls Just Wanna have Fun x Broke Niggas Make Me Sick

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Broke Niggas Make Me Sick

Make some Love Fugger!! Mike Posner and T- Wayne!

download Mike Posner Single and Drunk

7 Year Old wit Drake Flow

Buhahaha you know dood kills this, i wonder who writes for him...

Nick B - Been Thru It All


Lil Boosie (Feat. Lil Trill) - The Rain

boosie goes in on all his music...too bad hes "in"

Tyga - Like Me

this dont go hard?? cmon weezy heads...

Soulja Boy ft Lil B - 30 Thousand 100 Million

i guess i'll post this cus its got mad bishes in it

Monday, November 22, 2010


Mac Miller x DonBabyTV

Mac Miller chopps it up with DonBabyTV from Don Baby on Vimeo.

Tabi Bonney – Fresh (Album 2010)

01 Make A Killin (feat. Pusha T)
02 Get Me
03 Radio (feat. Curren$y)
04 The Slacker’s Farewell (feat. Haziq Ali)
05 Killer People (feat. Wale)
06 Fever (feat. Raheem DeVaughn)
07 Go Away
08 Nuthin But A Hero
09 Sunlight
10 Blinding
11 Galaxy
12 Winner’s Tourney (feat. Kokayi)
13 Like A King (feat. Wale & Kokayi)
14 Yeah Go
I usually wouldn't leak artist i respect like Tabi but too many people sleepin on him....

Conway West - H.O.O.D. Fridays

Cyhi Da Prince - A Million Freestyle

Kirko Bangz - They be Yellin (black and yellow beat)

texas doods are goin in on this beat. I'd say better than everyone but Wiz of course. Say somethin tho biatch, which is better Kirko Bangz or Marcus Manchild?

French Montana (Feat. Coke Boys) - Lie to Me

French is the maan. Low ass budget videos wit beautiful music...

Buy Issue 3 and Pilot Talk 2 now Fool!

bofe a deez dun dropped

Buy Issue 3

buy PT3

Flip Major ft Khleo - King of my City


Sunday, November 21, 2010

Cannigedda second opinion on Lil Chuuuch??

im kinda feelin it...then for like a second im not, then i am. Feedback please?

Friday, November 19, 2010

Tyga x Tim Westwood

Fly Shit with Currensy

Trademark - Act One

Spice 1 (Feat. Oj Da Juiceman) - Ak Ak Loaded

hey...this is a good ass track tho...

Rich Hil Interview with THC

Hadda Chat with Rich Hil. If your not uber-familliar with him then...you prolly never been here before. Na, but hes the hippie-enthusiast son of Tommy hilfiger, with underground classic tapes such as "Limostra Nostra" and "Limos Were Cool in the 90's. If your not all the way up check out his website www.nolimos.com and follow him on Twitter @RichHil. I got to chat with him on the phone last week and we talked ab what makes him Ricky Hil...

Maal Daye - Fuck Mainstream right?
Rich Hil - Yea fuck mainstream. We do what we do to be felt not seen. Mainstream music is to be seen.

Maal Daye - What would you probably do if you if you didnt make music?
Rich Hil - I'd probably be dead by now.

Maal Daye - Ive seen you on UStream playin music alot, who would you say your biggest musical influences are?
Rich Hil - Eh, Jim Morrison... Jimi Hendrix...

Maal Daye - What drugs would you say most influence your style? What drugs go best with your music?
Rich Hil - Well im not on drugs, but a few months ago I'd say it was pain pills and psychadelics.

Maal Daye - Did you really go to rehab? Are you sober?
Rich Hil - Yea sixty days (around 65 now)

Maal Daye - Do you still communicate with Aaron Reid? Anything from you two in the future?
Rich Hil - Yea hit him on his Birthday, been homeboys..We're just friends now tho...

Maal Daye - If you could switch places with anyone in any time period who would it be?
Rich Hil - Jim Morrison (clearly)

*maal dizzle THC


Z - Its All About The


Currensy ft Raekwon - Michael Knight (Remix)


C'mon Son 20

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Rich Hil ft Boo Bonic - Gone + Interview w Winners Circle

lookin forward to #ijustgotoutta rehab but until then theres this Boi 1da production
Rich Hil ft Boo Bonic - Gone

Wiz Khalifa Live stream from 9:30 CLUB IN WASHINGTON, DC

always check and see if its streaming cuz this is always posted at the bottom of the screen there...

Clinton Sparks (feat. Big Sean Mike Posner) - Ambiguous Girl

This is that DOPE

J.G. say yu will (dopestyle)

The Alchemist + Oh No (Gangrene) 'Take Drugs'


Do It All Chevy Woods (prod by Cardo).


Thee Tom Hardy presents The Hardy Boy Mystery Mixtape: Secret of Thee Green Magic (Mixtape)

After some leakage the tape is finally here... dont #sleep
DOWNLOAD: The Hardy Boy Mystery Mixtape: Secret of Thee Green Magic (Mixtape)

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Pill ft. Gucci Mane, AllStar, Gorilla Zoe - Gotta Have It (Prod. by Play N Skillz).


Fat Bro Beast Skinny Bro over Call Of Duty

Worldstar be droppin bombs sometimes lol... they frail tho. but thats what makes this really funny...

Wiz Khalifa x Angela Yee

Cyhi Da Prynce "Living Wonderful" directed by Decatur Dan

i slept on him for too long...

Look Out For TMSD!!


And Watch this interview with Emilio Sparks

Emilio Sparks Interviews Trademark Da SkyDiver from CloudKickers on Vimeo.


You Kno You'll Hit Amber Rose!

#clearly x 10000

1017 Bricksquad Today!

Waka Flocka ft Kebo Gotti- Grove St Party

damm, i almost missed this, dont be like me...and this ...

Drumma Boy & Gucci Mane & J Futuristic - I Got Em

Soulja Boy and 50 Cent- Mean Mug


Jackie Chain - Tru Love

everytime he drops a video, its the hardest shit of the week to me

Thee Tom Hardy = Always in Command

Eminem feat. Dr. Dre - I Need a Doctor


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Wiz Khalifa - Bad Guy


Talib Kweli - Cold Rain prod by Ski Beatz

feel good shiit

Marcus Manchild- Red and Yellow

i see this dood briingin bacc TX if he plays his cards right...

New Eminem and Royce da 5'9 ...eh...

Yea they gotta new track and its definitely not this...

I aint gonna lie... i dont even wanna post this... its just for those that think rappers are just as good sober, or that Em is immortal. Its funny tho, theres people that'll say theres no difference in either rapper over time...this is prolly wat they meant when they said "see ya in hell for the sequel"
Eminem and Royce Da 5'9 Living Proof

* update
Dont get me wrong, Em can still go in on emo verses tho
T.I. feat Eminem- All she wrote

Yelawolf - Daddys Lambo

hot shiit. Drama Beats on the track...and i think i saw them shootin a video for this a while back...

Monday, November 08, 2010

THC Presents :The Herbal Cuties :Stephy C

Welcome to The Herbal Cuties section, where I talk to hot babes ab there sexy lives lol. For our first Edition of The Herbal Cuties Section, I was able to get a few questions with Playboy model/ #tittytuesday enthusiast Mariela Henderson aka Stephy C. I followed her on twitter for a while so i could tell she was a cool chick and def perfect for the first enstallment. Try not to drool everywhere please fellas and you go follow her @NakedStephyC and make sure to go check her website StephyC.com.

Maal : Sooo, how long have you been modeling?
Stephy C : I have been modeling full time now for a little over 2 years. I love every minute of it!

M : If you weren't modeling, what would you be doin?
S C : I honestly have no idea. If Playboy hadn't have come to Purdue for a casting call, I don't know where I'd be right now! I originally wanted to be a news anchor, so maybe I would have gone down that path. My experiences definitely would have been different!

M : We are The Herbal Community so we were all kinda wondering. Do you ever Smoke weed?
S C : I definitely have...in fact, I used to a lot in High School. Now I do on occasion, if the mood and the time is right =).

M : Your twitter name is NakedStephyC , what percent of the day would you say you were naked?
S C: As much as I can be! I'd say 60-75%, depending on the day =)

M : Okay if you could trade places with anyone living or dead who would it be?
S C : Maybe the inventor of twitter or facebook. They have to be doing well right now. I'd use some of the money for various charities and some for myself, of course.

M : Lastly, do you have any celebrity crushes?
S C : Yes, Chuy from "Chelsea Lately".


Hex Band Watch for iPod Nano Gen 6

this is cule. Bout ta throw my G- Shocks all out for this. Plus they got a ton of colors. Get it for 24.95 (nano not included) @ www.shophex.com

Big Krit - I Aint Sh*t