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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Lil B - Freedom (Music Video)

and Scoop Lil B's New Tape that he dropped on twitter yesterday

Sunday, September 26, 2010

"Live in Action mane you caught it. SOME NIGGAS GOTTA JACK OFF"


Wiz Khalifa x Cam’ron? (Video) + Cam’ron, Jim Jones, Juelz Santana & Freekey Zekey On Hot97

The Atlantic signee/Taylor Gang chairman sat down with Richmond’s Power 92.1 and suggested that Killa would make a great addition to his upcoming major label LP.

Friday, September 24, 2010


Dont know ab you....but im J.O.'n

T.H.C. Interview w/ @CardoGotWings

Happy Birthday Cardo!! T.H.C. got a brief interview with Taylor Gang producer Cardo(dood made some new classic beats #clearly) a few weeks back just before Chevy's tape came out and it goes a lil somethin like this...

Nick B: When did u start makin beats?
Cardo: Started making beats back in 2000

N: Who is your favorite producer and rapper?
C: Favorite producer Legendary Traxster and Dr Dre , fav rapper TOO MANY TO NAME but I do listen to Wiz,Ross,Currensy,Dom Kennedy,Killa Kyleon and Chevy Woods a lot tho

N: What program do you use and how do you go about making a beat?
C: fl9 xxl studio

N: Where do u Live and how did you link up with Taylor Gang and Wiz?
C: I live in Texas and i linked up with wiz thru Chevy Bags

N: What would u say is ur most successful track you produced?
C: heavy hustle boss,mezmorized,in the cut all a those...

N: Any new up and coming projects we should b on the lookout for?
C: Be on the lookout for Wiz's new mixtape then album .... working on Chevy Woods street album


Big Sean Talks Sneakers w/ TheShoeGame

Maal Daye, Nick B, Bad Guy- No Hands

crack track....Strate Treet Meat

Khleo "Like I Never Left" Music Video

khleo beast mode!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Gucci x Miss Info Appeal Interview parts 1 and 2

Shawty Lo -Bumpin

Lil B - New Orleans Swag


Maal Daye EveryDay (mixtape)

Most Beautiful Music ever #clearly


Soulja Boy 50 Cent- Mean Mug

ok, not bad

Yelawolf- BMF Freestyle

soooo... i almost didn post this cuz its yet another BMF freestyle, but im glad i gave catfish billy a chance. I was jammin to this and i look over and theres a dog jammin to it too, just bobbin his head so i said lemme give it to yal. He kills it too (not sure if the dog could tell that much).

Jabari x Diggy

pharrell swag

Jay-Z Breaks Down His "Most Kingz" Verse

fuggin heavy maaan
this is for his upcoming book Decoded
hell listen/download the track, its not bad at all

Jackie Chain- Wow

mr V I P

Mac Miller in Studio with Illfonics

Mac Miller in the studio with Matt Friedman from ILLFONICS from ILLFONICS on Vimeo.

cool socks Mac

J Cole - The Plan


Monday, September 20, 2010


Here’s a RECAP of SkiBeatz 24 Hour Karate School listening party. Go support real music and cop this cd tommorow...


Travis Barker - Jump Down (Feat. The Cool Kids)


Bruno Mars – Just The Way You Are (Remix) (feat. Lupe Fiasco)

Lupe Fiasco joins Bruno Mars for the remix to his smash single “Just The Way You Are.” The two have previously collaborated on the original version of “Nothing On You” which ended up being B.o.B’s #1 single this past year.

Mickey Factz – Get By f. Big K.R.I.T. (prod. Big K.R.I.T.)

new track from Factz’ I’m Better Than You

Lil B - Bangkadang(VIDEO) DIRECTED BY LIL B x Lil B Cooking Dance

#Props to lilbpack1 fav list

Friday, September 17, 2010

50 Tysons Twitter is @50TysonOfficial Haha Hell Yea!

Track Goes Hard IDGAF

Cudi Interview and cover for Complex

Woah now this is pretty intense interview, Hit me with questions or backlash on my analysis but i say overall Cudi will be a legend. I support the shit outta Wale but Cudi aint say nothin but some real shii.

"No more blow. People do drugs to camouflage emotions and run away from their problems. Now I'm going to deal with certain things as they come, prioritize shit—man up, so to speak. Just for the record, it bugged me out that people said it was liquid cocaine. No, I'm just fucking rich, and my blow comes in a jar. There was no liquid in it—that shit makes no sense."

Now Some of the best parts of the interview....

You're big on not having your music compared to anyone else's.
Kid Cudi: Did you see that Wale interview that he just did, comparing us to sports? Let me clear this up: I'm incomparable to anybody. I don't care how people take that. No one can compete with me. I'm unfuckwittable; no one can knock me off my shit. I'm an unstoppable force, I'm a bullet. My trajectory is to the sky. Niggas got to do something really spectacular to fuck with me and my realm, and niggas be so bitter that you hear it in their voice.
Speaking of Wale, when you hit that fan at your show last December, he came out with a line about it ["Throwin' 'round wallets like the dude that Kid Cudi hit," from "Thank You Freestyle"].
Kid Cudi: It wasn't a shot, it's just a simple-ass rhyme by a simple-ass rapper. You can't let that shit faze you. That's one of those raps that just shows the world that you wack. Why would you even use that as a metaphor? Everybody think they Hov. Niggas ain't got the magic like they think they do; there's only a couple of wizards in this game. I'm a wizard and I know it.
Are your peers not seeing that?
Kid Cudi: The last album, I let people dis me, throw out those jabs in their verses and have their little slick remarks. This time around, I'm not fucking around. I have no time to think about other niggas. These other motherfuckers like feeding off another nigga's energy, so they mention their name. You hear me talk about niggas? I don't even talk about Kanye, and that's my homeboy! They talk about Kanye like they're bosom buddies with this nigga. Talking about "I be in Hawaii"—man, shut the fuck up, why you got to tell everybody everything? Then people like Wale get mad that 'Ye ain't give him no beats—'Ye ain't give you no beats because we ain't fucking with your raps. It's not a conspiracy theory. We don't fuck with you musically, so we're not going to provide music for you. The shit is a service, it's a quality of a certain standard. Niggas are just so thirsty it's ridiculous. I've been eating humble pie forever, and people still call me an asshole. These people don't know my fucking life—now I'm going to give them something to talk about.

later on it goes to....

Kid Cudi: Kids respect an honest motherfucker. I fuck up so I can show you about what not to do. I told you do blow? No, Cud did that, so hopefully you won't have to go through that. [Laughs.]
How heavy did the drug use get?
Kid Cudi: I started doing cocaine to get through interviews, 'cause people wanted to know a lot about my personal life and I wasn't prepared for a 60 Minutes interview every time. Doing bumps I was able to get through the day, but then I would smoke weed to calm me down—it was the only way I could get through the day without people noticing I was doing it.
Did you ever feel like you had a problem?
Kid Cudi: I never thought it was a problem, but I was definitely high-fiving death a couple of times. It took a lot for me to talk about shit like this on the album. I don't feel like I need to explain myself to anyone besides the fans. My fans don't believe shit until they hear me say it. And those are true Kid Cudi fans. I want them to know the story.

then a little later we get into...

A lot of people jumped on you for hitting that fan, too.
Kid Cudi: Even Perez Hilton said some shit about me. He might be a good person and have a good heart, but he does a lot of fuckhead shit. Who are you to talk about people? That's not cool. That's why the world is so fucked up, because of hate. And he's gay? I just don't get that. The gay people I know are about peace and love and coming together. That shit doesn't register with me. He's a chump and a coward, and it's fucked up because I met dude so many times and he had nothing but love to show me. Then when that shit happened with Lady Gaga kicking me off her tour, he had to run his mouth and judge me on that shit.
Was that tough for you?
Kid Cudi: It was. I apologized to that young man I hit—we hung out, he's the coolest kid in the world. But she's going to kick me off the tour because she didn't want that negative type of energy at her shows? Word? I never did nothing to that girl. Every time I saw her I gave her mad respect, showed her mad love. It didn't matter, I still got paid. She spent all her money on her shows, so I probably made more off her tour than she did. That's the "ha ha ha, isn't it ironic?" moment.
That's a lot to go through.
Kid Cudi: There's another thing people don't know. I have a daughter, born March 26th of this year. Her name is Vada, and she's fucking awesome. That was eating me up, and it was stressing me out that nobody knew about her. I was trying to escape from that, too. Just trying to figure it out and make everyone happy, it's a lot for somebody my age to handle. I was manning up and dealing with it in what I thought was the right way, but it was the wrong way. I want to be around for her. I can honestly say she was the wake-up call. The reality that it's bigger than just you now—you have a responsibility and there's no more time for mistakes. It's time to stop fucking around.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Jackie Chain- Livin it Up

this guys the shiit

Cam’ron & Jim Jones – Toast (Kanye West Diss)

"Over Kanye's runaway beat
And Kanye, you a sucka nigga
Dissed Dame, so my attitude is fuck a nigga
Suckin’ Jigga, how you gon’ live with that?
Took the beat, now… come get it back"

J. Cole On His Production

new mixtape october....

J.Cole speaks extensively (with TSS) on producing records, his beatmaking inspirations, cratedigging in the digital age, working alongside No I.D. for his debut and existing in an era not dominated by gangsta rap.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Travis Porter- Make It Rain

Soulja Boy- Im Boomin

Dorrough – ‘Get Big’ (Remix) (Feat. Diddy, Diamond & Wiz Khalifa)


Jackie Chain - "Livin it Up" (Produced by the Block Beataz)


The Kelly Show 9 - 13 - 2010

The Kelly Show 9/13/10 from KarmaloopTV on Vimeo.

Dj Dow Jones Presents: Curren$y, Wiz Khalifa In The Fly We Trust

Chevy Woods - Pilot Shit (Mixtape)

Download: Pilot Shit

B. Corder x JT Preview


Havent Decided if i hate/love this dude's music

Sir Flywalker - Airborne


G Lang - Tetris

Check out my homie @OG_Lang


Lil B - Pretty Boy Muzik

If you don't fuck wit Lil B, then i don't fuck with you...

Entourage Season 7 ep.10

VMA's Eminem Performance

Strong Arm Steady – Cheeba Cheeba

Had to post this just cuz of an ass of tree in it...

Mac Miller – Pittsburgh Kids Get the Biz

Mac Miller gets down with the 197th entry of DJBooth’s ongoing freestyle series.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Thee Tom Hardy – Postcards 2 My Lady Friend

Thee Tom Hardy continues his Thee Hardystyle Series with this new track “Postcards 2 My Lady Friend” which is over “Miss Me” in preparation for 9th Wonder & DJ Green Lantern present The Hardy Boy Mystery Mixtape: Secret Of Thee Green Magic coming soon.

Diggy Simmons – Airborne

Dont sleep on Diggy he puts jo jo to fuggin shame lol
01. Airborne (Feat. Wynter Gordon) [Prod. By Black The Beast]
02. Thinkin Bout’ U (Feat. Bei Maejor) [Prod. By T-Minus]
03. Big Bad World (Feat. Colin Munroe) [Prod. By Black The Beast]
04. As I Am (Feat. Shianne Phillips) [Prod. By Black The Beast]
05. Put You On (Feat. Chris Brown) [Prod. By Black The Beast]
06. Super Hero Music (Feat. Raekwon) [Prod. By Boi-1da]
07. Oh Yeah! (Feat. Lupe Fiasco And Pharrell) [Prod. By Omen Black The Beast]
08. Airplane (Skit)
09. No Gravity (Feat. K2) [Prod. By Black The Beast]
10. You Got Me Now (Feat. Jacob Latimore) [Prod. By Kane Beatz]
11. The Vision (Feat. GhostWridah And Eric B) [Prod. By Neako]
12. This Feelin’ [Prod. By Deputy]
13. Great Expectations (Feat. Bei Maejor) [Prod. By Black The Beast]

Thursday, September 09, 2010

XV – Vizzy Zone (Mixtape)

Please dont sleep so many dope artist on this tape!!!!

1. Theme To Vizzy Zone (prod. Seven)
2. The Flying V (prod. Seven)
3. Tunnel Vision (prod. Omen)
4. Gettin’ Bizzy (prod. Seven)
5. We Zonin’ (prod. Seven)
6. Reset Button f. Talib Kweli (prod. Woody)
7. Nevermind (prod. Seven)
8. She Go, I Go f. Chiddy Bang (prod. Seven)
9. Falling Awake (prod. Omen)
10. Mirror’s Edge f. Mike Posner (prod. Seven)
11. Vizzy Zone f. Kid CuDi (prod. Emile)
12. Passport (prod. Woody)
13. Isn’t It Awesome (prod. Woody)
14. May The Force Be With You f. Killer Mike & Mac Miller (prod. Seven)
15. Familiar (prod. Seven)
16. Best Is Yet to Come f. Colin Munroe (prod. Colin Munroe)
17. Ending Credits (Interlude)
18. Talk My Shit (prod. The Awesome Sound)
BONUS: Mirror’s Edge (rmx) f. Bun B, GLC & Mike Posner
DOWNLOAD: XV – Vizzy Zone (Mixtape)

Hot Chick Pic

I've never posted just a pic but 4 some reason i had to maybe cuz of the hundreds or maybe this bad ass sexy bitch


Mac Miller - "Kool Aid & Frozen Pizza" (Live NYC)

Monday, September 06, 2010

Chip Tha Ripper – From Me, To You (The Prelude To Gift Raps) [EP]

OnSMASH in conjunction with Slab Ent. and Ilthy present From Me, To You (The Prelude To Gift Raps), which is the preview to the debut album from Chip Tha Ripper, entirely produced by Chuck Inglish from The Cool Kids. This EP is the first of two installments that will feature all new music from the Cleveland native. Gift Raps is due out later this year
01. No Worries
02. Ain’t No Love Here
03. I Told You
04. Baby Phat (Remix)
05. Click Clack (feat. 79th Truth)
06. Fat Raps (Remix) (feat. Chuck Inglish, Big Sean, Asher Roth, Dom Kennedy & Boldy James)

Sunday, September 05, 2010

Rich Hil- Ricky Goes to Rehab

his best mixtape yet and i almost slept
download at livemixtapes

Lil Mckell Showing You Real "Swagger"

haha dood goes in, type his name into youtube too and hes got a ton of these where he takes your girl...fucc i may even post more if i end up laughin hard enough. But for this compilation props go to wshh.

Two Against- Supper Soothers

freshman tape of some doods reminiscent of camp lo and pac div, and im feelin it.
download the tape free at

Wiz Khalifa- In The Cut (music video)

let that boy cook